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    Character Rules


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    Character Rules

    Post  Ruski on Wed May 25, 2011 4:30 pm

    I want them to promote role-playing, but I understand that players might not use them unless they have a bonus related to them. Please take note that these roles are subject to change at any time during the game.

    Character Rules

    Characters are a great way to put role-playing into the game, and can have conflicting motivations, leading to some interesting plots.

    Players may have as many characters as they want, but only a limited number will have bonuses related to them.

    Each faction can have characters assigned to certain roles.
    These roles include the following, but only limited by your imagination:
    Leader, Member of Government, Advisor, Military Leader (General or rank of some kind), Spy*, Mad Scientist sponsored by shady factions within the government, ect…

    Basically, the character should have some manner of significance to your nation, not just being any random person off the street.

    If your leader is killed, a new character (or different current character) takes over his job.

    Possible ways to gain new characters: upon gaining new territory (using dice mechanic and upon asking), with diplomacy (mostly with friendly NPCs, but players can give/create characters too), revolts, revolutions, etc.

    *Spies and Assassins use flavor characters or unnamed characters

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