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    Production Rules


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    Production Rules

    Post  Ruski on Wed May 25, 2011 4:37 pm

    Production Rules

    The Answer:
    Most things you produce require production points to complete. Each territory under your control generates one production point. You can assign the production points to any combination of projects (units, research, tech, ect.) that you want. You can produce few things quickly, or many things slowly, whatever you like.

    There are some restrictions. You can only combine use of production points from territories that are connected by Supply Lines. So if you have infrastructure connecting territories in Germany to France, you can combine their production points, but combining points from Japan with points from India while your enemy controls everything in between is not as easy.

    Also, you can combine points such that you instantly complete projects; it just needs to be run by me first.

    When a project is finished, any leftover points that were being spent on it are carried over to the next project (either currently worked on, or new one started), unless there is none, in which case they are considered unused production points.

    Unused production points are can be put into a bank fund.


    BAMF Tank costs 12 points.
    You have 4 production points.
    You spend 2 production points on the BAMF Tank.
    BAMF Tank will be done in 6 days.
    You Spend 4 production points on BAMF Tank.
    BAMF Tank will be done in 3 days.

    Cost/PP = Days

    There are ways to increase you production points beyond what you could have with territories alone. Some technology and infrastructure applies production point bonuses when they are operational. Having a strong Economy also increases production points.

    Economy’s effect on production: For every 3 economy points beyond baseline (2), total production points increase by 1.
    Production gains from econ are in whole numbers.

    PP = Territories +(Econ + 5)

    New: (# of PP) x.10 = Amount to save per day. You can spend all your points per day, or more than what the saving tells you to save, but you risk going into a recession or economic collapse. The amount saved goes into your bank fund. Funds for bailout go into a separate fund other than your bank fund.

    If you go into recession, you then need to save (# of PP) x 3 to bail out. You need to spend (# of PP) divided by 3 as a minimum per day or you can choose to not spend anything at all. Take note and follow this: PP- x.10 → Ex: So if you have 20 PP per day, that gets moved to 18.

    If you go into economic collapse, you need to save (# of PP) x 6 to bail out. You need to spend (# of PP) divided by 3 as a minimum per day. Take note and follow this: PP- x.40 → Ex: So if you have 20 PP per day, that gets moved to 12.

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