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    Nation Template

    Post  Ruski on Wed May 25, 2011 6:02 pm

    Nation Name: RuskiLand

    Nation Flag: [Description or Img]

    Nation Culture: Russian

    Nation Government: Constitutional Federation

    Nation Leader: Roland Becca

    Regions: (Most people have listed their buildings in the regions section. You should too.)

    Characters: Provide names and/or desired titles for characters within your faction. Separate them by affiliation (Military, Political office, etc.)


    Total Production Points: (Filled out by a moderator)

    Unique Unit: (Here, I want you to list a faction specific, or high tech unique unit for your nation. Provide a description.)

    Army: (Spend your starting military production points on a military)

    For the next section, make another post immediately after the one for your nation's base stuff.

    Bank Fund: (Money saved)

    Debt Fund: (This is where you put your IOU's in a listed amount and specify to who)

    Recession/Collapse Bailout: This is where you place the amount that has been put toward bailout

    Army Make-Up: This is where you copy 'n' paste the names of the units and post your information on them. They should be real things that exist. No crazy things or highly advanced shit right of at the start.

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